Welcome to Seville and its province.

Visits to Seville and its monuments

Seville is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. A true fusion of cultures from Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, America and Asia.

We can show you its influences in the great monuments declared World Heritage such as the Royal Palace Alcazar, the Cathedral and the Archive of the Indies, which together with the Santa Cruz ancient jewish quarter and the Plaza de España are indispensable.

Other monuments for you to visit with us are: the palaces: Casa Pilatos, Las Dueñas, Condesa de Lebrija, the old quarters of Triana, Arenal and Centre and other monuments such as Las Setas, the Fine Arts Museum, the Roman archaeological site of Italica, among others.

~1.5-2 hours

150,00 €/group

~1.5-2 hours

150,00 €/group

Visits to Sanlúcar la Mayor (20 km from Seville, bus and train connections)

We accompany you to discover the country and landscape that surround Seville. To the west in the Aljarafe plateau, full of olive and wheat fields that supplied the city of Seville we suggest you visit the town of Sanlúcar la Mayor with three different visits:

1.The solar plant SOLÚCAR is one of the biggest in Europe, we will show three techniques of solar production and a general approach to renewable energies in Spain. A didactic and pleasant visit with panoramic views in a natural environment.

2.The historical centre of Sanlúcar la Mayor, of hispano-moorish origin, was the most important in this border region of Aljarafe during the Middle Ages. Its small streets surround three 14th century gothic-mudejar churches, seven holy week penitential fraternities among others and there are good restaurants with traditional cuisine.

3.The cloistered convent of Discalced Carmelite Mothers, one of the oldest in Seville, was founded in 1590 and is still active today. We will visit its beautiful church and have a personal meeting with one carmelite sister.

Environmental sustainability

We offer you the possibility of taking the ecological transport by train line C5 Metropolitan of Seville that will take you to Sanlúcar la Mayor in a free ecological transport to visit the historical centre and the cloistered carmelite convent.

Our visit to the Solar power plant in Sanlucar la Mayor helps us to be aware of the importance of renewable energies to avoid global warming.


We have three visits in the historical centre of Seville around Santa Cruz, Arenal and Triana quarters and the Palace of Las Dueñas where we learn about the monuments while discovering great women in the history of Seville focusing on their social, intelectual or artistic contribution.


Spirituality An exceptional opportunity to visit a cloistered convent founded in 1590 and to learn about the spiritual legacy of Saint Teresa of Avila and the Discalced Carmelite Mothers to find out how they inhabit spirituality today.

Ethical and sustainable tourism

Quality tourism and the welfare state
Thank you for hiring the services of a professional tourist guide, 21% VAT in Spain. This way, clients and suppliers all contribute to the quality of tourism, safety at work and to the support of the Welfare state which promotes the development of society and the redistribution of wealth.

Professional Association of Tourist Guides

Our tours in Seville are conducted by official tourist guides who are passionate about sharing with you the history, culture and beauty of this city. They are members of the Apit Sevilla Association which was founded in 1978 and is the oldest professional association of guides in Seville. Thirty-five guides provide service in seven languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch and Spanish Sign Language. Apit Sevilla is a member of the Spanish Confederation of Professional Guides Associations (CEFAPIT-GUIAS DE ESPAÑA), the European Federation of Guides (FEG) and the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA).

We adapt our visits and guiding service to the needs and characteristics of the client.
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